Szwalnia Progresew

Progresew is a successful clothing and lingerie manufacturer for your fashion brand

We will guide you through the entire process from your vision to the finished collection!


Meeting and defining your needs

Tell us about the brand and your ideas and we will choose the best solutions to design and sew the clothes. We will advise you not only in technical terms, but also in business terms. This stage is very important, because if we know your expectations well, we will create the right products for your customers.

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Preparation for production

Thanks to a computerized production preparation system, we ensure precise template development for your products and grading into sizes – this means that your clothing will be perfect.

The intelligent template layouts making module provides several percent material savings over manual layouts. That’s substantial material savings which gives real benefits for your business. Our experienced employees will design optimal technology of production for your products.

As one of the few in Poland we deal with construction and grading of clothing and lingerie and the selection of technology for its sewing. 



Material cutting

Well equipped sewing room and competent staff will meet many clothing challenges and our long 8-meter table will allow efficient and economical layouts. We have many years of experience in cutting various types of materials, including the most difficult ones such as velours, nets, laces and satins.

Our sewing room is equipped with professional fusing machines, which enable us to sew clothes with glued elements such as collars, stand-up collars, cuffs and to make thermal prints.


Embroidery on patterns

If you need to enrich your product with embroidery, we can make it for you. We make large embroideries which are supposed to give character to products as well as small, subtle decorations.

Our design office will change your graphics into embroidery. You just need to send it to us in any graphic file (jpeg, tiff, pdf).



Implementation of a production batch

With three well-equipped production lines and a dedicated production team, you will quickly enjoy ready-to-sell products that meet your customers’ expectations.

High quality of our service will ensure that you keep your quality promises given to your brand customers.


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